An Inconvenient Truth

It was once said that “There are none more enslaved, than those who think they are free”. To most people, consciously or not, freedom is a concept based on relativity. We are immersed in control structures that have indoctrinated us from birth, and our terms of reference for freedom are generally formulated within the confines of these structures.

Most of us are like goldfish in a bowl. We accept the limits placed upon us without even realising they are even there.
This is the great deception and it is no accident. Why feed a slave, when you can give the slave an illusion of freedom, and let it feed itself?

So, what are these control structures? We can define them quite simply.

1. Politics
2. Religion
3. Economics

The mechanisms in place to enforce and entrench these structures are the government, the education system, world monetary policy, religious institutions, the media, and sadly, each other.

We shall review each of these individually, to determine the true depth of the manipulation incurred by these entrenched control systems to control and enslave us, while giving us a false sense of freedom.